May Newsletter


Dear Dancers,

Special Notice:
My Pre-Intermediate Workshop is Moving Location, Date, & Time!
Since the WnY Warehouse has been sold and will no longer be available as a dance venue as of June 1st, 2018, I am moving my monthly Pre-Intermediate workshop in June to The Lounge Room at The Veterans Hall, Lake Merritt, Oakland 94610. I am also moving the workshop date from the 3rd Saturday of the month to the 2nd Saturday of the month in order to co-ordinate with Mike Pyle’s 2nd Saturday dance; my first workshop there will be on Saturday, June 9th. The workshop’s new time is from 3:30-5:30PM, so attendees will still have an hour break after the workshop before Mike’s event begins. There is a Whole Foods half a block away so plenty of time to grab a bite to eat before the dance. Mike was extremely gracious in accommodating my workshop into his venue, and has also invited me to teach his June 9th Intermediate lesson at 6:30PM prior to his dance (7:30-11PM) in the large ballroom directly across from The Lounge.

May 19th is my LAST Pre-Intermediate Workshop & Dance at WnY! THANK YOU to all of you who have supported my dance all these years! Please come join me in saying goodbye to the Warehouse!
WnY Warehouse, 64 Digital Dr., Novato CA 94949

Pre-Intermediate Workshop May 19th
As usual, the workshop is from 4-6PM and is $25/person. Before we start attendees will have an opportunity to request specific topics. Please keep in mind this workshop is geared for pre-intermediate dancers and so we will concentrate on technique and basic skills sets. If you prefer to send your requests via email, please feel free to do so.

May 19th WnY Evening Lessons & Dance Party – only $10
WnY Warehouse, 64 Digital Dr., Novato CA 94949
7-8:00PM: Intermediate lesson with Kelly, or
Beginning lesson with Dave Cooper
Either lesson included in $10 dance admission!
8-11:30PM WCS Dance
Kelly will DJ a mix of traditional and contemporary swing music until from 8-9:30PM
Raymond Bryn will DJ from 9:30PM until closing

Special Events:
Monroe Hall, 1400 West College Ave., Santa Rosa CA
Sunday, May 27th
5:30PM Beginning Jitterbug lesson
6:15PM Intermediate WCS lesson
7PM Dance to a variety of Country & Swing songs w/ DJ Steve Luther $10

Weekly Classes
Ellington Hall Wednesday Night WCS Classes in Santa Rosa, 3535 Industrial Drive
5 Week Series in May
Beginning 6:30-7:45PM
Open Practice 7:45-8:15PM
Intermediate 8:15-9:30PM
Drop-ins Welcome!

Head’s Up! Starting in June, Kelly will be offering a new Summer Schedule for Wednesday nights at Ellington Hall for June, July, and August!
Students have provided feedback that during the summer months it is challenging to attend all weekly classes in a monthly session due to vacation schedules. In response to this feedback, the Wednesday night schedule will change for the summer. All the Wednesday night classes will be presented as stand alone workshops so sporadic attendance will not be an issue, and there will be a dance after the classes so people can practice and socialize.

The intermediate class will be taught first so that intermediate dancers will be encouraged to stay and improve their technique, learn a different role, and meet new dancers. The beginning class will be taught last so that beginners will have a safe opportunity to practice with more experienced dancers and give them the confidence to venture out on the weekends to other dance venues. Summer Schedule is as follows:

6:30-7:15PM Intermediate WCS Each Wednesday workshop will consist of stand alone patterns & syncopations; every workshop in a particular month will be connected by a common theme.

7:15-8:00PM Basic WCS Technique Throughout the summer, the Basic WCS Technique workshop will focus on specific patterns:

Week #1: Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, Right Side Pass
Week #2: Sugar Push, Left Underarm Turn, Right Underarm Turn
Week #3: Sugar Push, Whip
Week #4: Sugar Push, Tuck & Turn
Week #5: Sugar Push, Spinning Left & Right Side Passes

8:00-10:00PM Dance Please tell your friends who work late that they are welcome to join us for just the dance itself!

$15 One Workshop & Dance
$20 Both Workshops & Dance
$10 Dance Only

Allegro Ballroom Thursday Night WCS Classes in Emeryville, 5855 Christie Ave.
Beginning 6:30-7:30PM
Intermediate 7:30-8:30PM
Intermediate Plus 8:30-9:30PM
Open Practice 9:30-10:00
Drop-ins Welcome!

See you on the dance floor!

707-292-8075 cell
707-838-0388 land